Mobile Games

AK-17 apps is an independent video game development team led by Andras Kiss. It released the following Android games: Rally Raid, TimeNotes, TimeNotes Free, Chronology. Currently several developments are in progress. Continue reading


The Unreal Fast Track Workshop is available, to make learning Unreal Engine possible by Unreal Online Learning, Epic’s free learning platform. It consists of five main parts as the full content of the course. The Learning category will be extended with more content in the future. Continue reading


In September of 2017, the latest version of the Quantum Satellite Communication Simulator (QSCS) was released, which was developed directly to analyze satellite-based quantum communication channels by various scenarios, taking into account the atmospheric factors of the Earth. Continue reading

Board Games

Currently a custom made prototype can be found here, called Plants. Partially it is based on the Japanese Buddhist philosophy as the five elements (earth, wind, fire, water, void) are used during the game to grow various plants. It is a quite unique game since its cooperative and at the same time against-each-other feature. Continue reading

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