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Bartender Assistant

For bartenders, in most cases, serving guests is only part of their job. In order for a bar to operate smoothly, it requires special attention, among other things, to manage stock, manage orders, etc. A bar that operates with a relatively high volume of orders may need to reduce staff workload. This is the goal of the Bartender Assistant project, that the program takes over as many activities as possible related to the operation of the bar.

Bartender Assistant, like some of the others, is a pending software project that aims to create a mobile application that supports the operation of smaller catering establishments (pubs, clubs, bars, etc.). The support in this case consists of the following:

Managing tables
Taking orders
Create an account

In order to function properly, the application stores the entire drink menu and the amount of products stored in the warehouse. To set this up, the app has a maintenance feature that includes:

Management of measurement units
Unit conversions
Product list management
Categorization of products
Handling of complex products (e.g. coffee, cocktail, etc.)
Handling of compositions

After each item is sold, the inventory is reduced by the sold quantity of the product sold, which facilitates the management of the warehouse and the planning of orders in the future.

The data stored in the application can be exported and imported in a CSV file. The data in the CSV can be found in a quite readable format and it can be modified manually. If everything is set correctly then the app can load and read the added data.

Currently, the program is only available in Hungarian.

The source code of the Bartender Assistant is available on GitHub and every valuable modifications and additions are welcome.

The application is built in native Java. In the current version the Android Target SDK is 30.