Air filter change

People usually pay relatively close attention to fuel consumption. And very little about how much the air flow into the engine affects the performance and the fuel consumption. According to the specification the compression ratio in case is 10.4 : 1. Which means 520 liter air flows through the air filter directly from the streets while the engine consumes a full tank of fuel. In an average year when the car runs about 20000 kilometers, consumes about 1400 liters of fuel at 7 l/100 km consumption. This means 14560 liters of air flows through the air filter in a year. Dirty filter results more load on the engine, which results higher consumption and less performance. That is why it is important to change the air filter regularly.

What you need:

  • New air filter
  • Cross screw driver or a 8mm pipe wrench

Open the hood.


Remove the screws from the air filter housing.

Air filter housing

Remove the old one and clean the interior of the housing by a wipe.

Air filter interior

Insert the new filter into the housing.

Air filter

Put back the cover of the filter housing.

The difference between a new, clean and an old, dirty filter is obvious.

Old and new air filters

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