Car radio replacement

When I bought my car in 2013 I received it whith this JVC car radio.

JVC car radio

During about 8 years it worked perfectly, I used nearly 100 CDs to it while driving about 90+ thousand kilometers. Now the time has come and the CD player failed. After some quick research I chose this Sony DSX-A212UI car radio as a replacement of the JVC.

Sony DSX-A212UI
Sony DSX-A212UI

And now let’s see how to change it.

1.) Remove the cover by pushing the bottom right button.

JVC car radio frame

2.) Remove the grey frame and insert two panels into both slots beside the car radio.

JVC car radio

3.) Remove the radio from its case and unplug the cables.

Back of JVC car radio

4.) After inserting the cables into the new one, put the radio into its case, put back the frame and the front cover. The final result looks like this in the day…

Sony DSX-A212UI

…and in the night.

Sony DSX-A212UI in the night

After the installation I realised that there is a little problem with listen to music from pendrive because of its file system. I wrote about it on the 64 GB pendrive format to FAT32 page.