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Soichiro Honda
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Belive in your dreams and they belive in you. Everything you had only imagined will become real. What we imagine exists and lives in the world of dreams. With every changing with the stars a baby is born who has the greatest of gifts. A heart can listen to dreams and the power to bring them to life. One of those is my friend, Soichiro Honda. He used to repair bicycles when he was a boy helping in his father’s workshop. He was born in 1906 at Komyo, a little town in the heart of Japan. He was a hard worker and at the same time he was a draftsman and a good designer. He had a little study where he worked on his ideasand followed up his intuitions. We used to love in long rides on our bikes going as fast as the wind. Soichiro Honda and Takeo Fujisawa the truth as were great friends. Soichiro was a real artist and a bit of a rebel.
He managed to involve you in his projects and on his doings. Thanks to his determination and his desire to create things he fascinated everyone, including me. I remember his excitement very well. But I rather live in the dreams to tell the story of them. Magical night when an idea illuminated his mind. In 1946 Soichiro Honda attached a military motor to his bicycle. He called that invention of his ‘Dream Type A’. Two years later he founded the Honda Motor Company. Today Honda is a legend in every country of the world.

In his memories, Soichiro Honda expressed his sorrow for sometimes being rude to his employees, humiliating and occasionally even slapping them in the face. This kind of aggressive leadership hurts morale, but is beneficent for the quality of the end product.

Source: Youtube, Honda Acura NSX test drive.

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