Parking light bulb change

The lighting of the car includes the use of the parking light, which in the case of the Honda Civic 7gen (4 doors) means a bulb with a W5W socket. Since LED is currently prohibited in road traffic, we have to use an incandescent light source, which burns out after a while. In this article you can read about how to make a parking light bulb change. By the way, the use of the parking light is one of those rare cases when e.g. in the evening, you are waiting at the railway crossing, the engine stopped and the headlights also switched off to save the battery. To make a parking light bulb change, you don’t need any tool, just a new light bulb.

Let’s do the following:

This is when the headlight is on but the parking light does not work.
First, turn the steering wheel to the opposite direction of the wrong parking light side! This gives you enough space to access the plug.
Pull the patent out of the plastic cover, marked with the red circle.
After the patent is unplugged, remove the plastic cover to access the light plug!
Turn and pull the plug, marked with the red circle!
After the light bulb is changed it works like this.
After you have fitted the plug of the parking light, put the plastic cover back in front of the wheel, press the patent back, then switch on the light and the parking light also lights up like this.

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