Pollen filter change

The best time to change the pollen filter is when you clean the air conditioner and the interior of the car. It can be solved simply without any tool, you just need the new pollen filter. Get into the car from the right side because the filter housing is behind the glovebox.

Open the glovebox and remove the two patents. Then you can fully open it.

Honda Civic glovebox

Remove the cover panel from the filter housing.

Honda Civic pollen filter cover panel

Remove the filter cases from the filter housing and remove the old filters from them.

Honda Civic pollen filter cases

Put the new filters into the filter cases and take care of the air flow direction.

Honda Civic pollen filters and their cases

Put back into the filter housing, attach the cover panel and put back the patents to the glovebox.

The difference between a new, clean and an old, dirty one is obvious.

New and old pollen filters

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