Tech Theories

Ears of the new World Order: Pegazus, Mossad, NSA

In the name of security, countries around the world are trying to redraw the line between surveillance and privacy. Just a few months after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, President Bush secretly ordered the government to secretly silence the phones of some U.S. citizens.


It brings fun to thousands of people! It magically combines the experiences of radio, cinema and theater for us. And bring it all to our own home! And all you have to do is press a button and turn a dial. The electrically charged cells are read by an electron beam, creating 30 images per second.

Facebook World Government? – The Data World Empires

Is it possible to know what the truth is rooted in and what is not? Are our lies dressed as truth – are they transforming our world, or has ‘post-truth’ always been a part of our lives? The age of transgender athletes has come. But this identity, even if so irrational, overturns our cultural truths.

Digital World Control – Who controls fact checkers?

Congress re-authorized the funding of Facebook, a massive online surveillance program run by the CIA. According to Department of Homeland Security reports, since it was launched in 2004, Facebook has replaced almost every second CIA intelligence program.

The Facebook Trap – You are Just a Product!

Today, there are more than a million companies on Facebook, more than half of which are on the fortune 500 list. The industry always follows the target audience. People don’t visit websites on a daily basis, but they do visit their own Facebook page.

Digital God – At the Dawn of a New Creation

Those who believe in the ancient astronaut theory believe that the Egyptian gods were in fact extraterrestrial visitors. And many wonder if Osiris was indeed a flesh-and-blood man.

Thought Sin – Brainwashing and Consciousness Manipulation

The real factories of today are shopping malls. The real hard work is done there. They guide you with performance goals and measurable results. As you sit in the glass-walled office, you know your goals are manipulated and fake, and managers know you know.

Payed Reality – In the Network of Media Lies

I was a journalist for about 25 years and was taught to lie, to be unfaithful, and not to tell the truth to the public. Now, however, over the past month, I have seen how far the German and American media have gone and trying to plunge the people of Europe and Russia into war…

Udo Ulfkotte