It brings fun to thousands of people! It magically combines the experiences of radio, cinema and theater for us. And bring it all to our own home! And all you have to do is press a button and turn a dial. The electrically charged cells are read by an electron beam, creating 30 images per second. Just compare this rough picture to what we can see today. And you too can see how far television has come to perfection!

Most people today still think that the entertainment industry, movies, drama, they are just there, their only purpose is to entertain, even though it never was. The most important social messages are always introduced through movies, with drama, heightened drama, a sequence of emotional states. Not with logical, factual sequences, but by triggering certain emotional states that the brain registers, and by doing so, the message remains. So the emotional content is extremely important. Instead of giving an argument, with a rational line of thought, with facts, so there are no debates. And when new thoughts are uploaded to you through a story, you are not prepared for it. Your brain’s defense mechanism doesn’t work the way it would work during a discussion or a lecture. You don’t consider to yourself whether you agree. You are practically in a kind of alpha state when you are free to upload new thoughts to you. Throughout history, “social engineers” have gradually refined techniques to control large masses.

The passive state

The longer someone watches television, the easier it is for your brain to transition to an alpha state, a slow, steady brain wave in which the brain is most receptive. Images and suggestions are etched directly into the mind without the viewer being actively involved. Effectively, a hypnosis is created and the viewer surrenders to an endless stream of images.

Nervous system effects

The violence on screen stimulates the “fight or flight” stimulus response, but since it would obviously be crazy to react to events on television, the viewer suppresses the reaction. The viewer bounces back and forth mentally between the state of impulse and the state of repression. When the psyche can no longer stand it, the accumulated energy bursts out in a spin, such as childhood hyperactivity.

Confused state

Television images arrive condensed in the form of a continuous influx of information, fragmenting attention, and at the same time compressing and speeding up time. These events could not happen in reality, only the tricks of the motion picture industry make it possible. Compared to the world of fast-paced images, everyday life seems boring… and often too slow!

Fairy tale and reality

Those who immerse themselves in the virtual world of television are dropped into a completely tangled reality every day. The flow of images is an ever-alternating process of real, fairy-tale, and utterly absurd events. They eventually merge into each other and each become a slice of the image arsenal that fills the brain and all receive similar reality values.

We live in a virtual reality. In a fully controlled environment created for us by the mass media. Unfortunately, many people, but most of all young people, accept reality without question in the form in which it is presented by the media. Popular culture, movies, television, music… all convey messages about how society works and how people should behave. The most effective form of control is when the controlled is unaware that he is under control. Again, television is the best example. Just think back, we must have watched a young child or an old person while watching TV. They stare at the screen with a distinctive glassy look. Because they are in a trance! In a hypnotic state of mind!

David Icke. Photo: Tyler Merbler/Flickr

Television is a massive mass hypnotist over global consciousness. What happens is that minute by minute, it constantly feeds us into an image of reality, and as soon as we accept that image and allow it to be incorporated, the next time new information comes through our eyes, we will edit it in the light of the already existing worldview. So then the global population is exposed… it suffers from being practically, literally, mass-hypnotized! When we talk about those who suddenly start to see things… the manipulation they haven’t seen before… What do we say about them? What do they say about themselves? They say, “I woke up!” That’s exactly what happened to them! When one suddenly feels, “Hey, but I can already see what’s going on here!” It’s exactly like when a hypnotist comes and snaps one to him, and he suddenly says, “Oh, now I see!” Mass hypnosis! Sure, this is the greatest hypnotist on the globe! And that is exactly why it was created.

David Icke

They are programmed, which makes me sad. Because I know how hard it is for such a person to show any interest in the things of the world. And I see how easy it is to manipulate the masses. It is a psychological weapon to blind people and take away from them the many beauties that are creation. And to blind them to their families, their children. And from this wonderful life force that surrounds everything. The scale and meticulous elaboration of all this, as these opinion formers in all walks of life, in the entertainment industry, in the media, in politics, etc… the way they have been raised for this since childhood, is absolutely incredible! And when the veil is removed from the whole thing… because it’s going to be down… it’s already coming downwards… people will be as shocked as they will be to look around and see the world they lived in… Because if you might now you think you live in a controlled world… Just wait until you see what level the whole thing is under control!

The Matrix is everywhere. It surrounds us. You see, when you turn on the television… The world is the one that has been pulled before your eyes to cover up the truth with it!

Source: Youtube