Digital God – At the Dawn of a New Creation

Unlike other gods, Osiris was believed to actually live on Earth and was an Egyptian pharaoh. It is very often depicted with a winged sundial and while many scientists believe that it is all just a worship of the Sun, this Sun, according to the Egyptians, had wings and descended from the sky. I personally think this is something else. They depicted an unearthly event that really happened.

Giorgio A. Tsoukalos (publisher, Legendary Times magazine)

Those who believe in the ancient astronaut theory believe that the Egyptian gods were in fact extraterrestrial visitors. And many wonder if Osiris was indeed a flesh-and-blood man.

One of the most famous stories about Osiris is that he was torn up by his jealous brother, Seth. Seth became angry and set his brother’s corpse in 14 pieces, then carried them throughout the empire. But Isis, the faithful spouse, found these pieces and put them together. He managed to resurrect Osiris. Hearing such a story, maybe a man is cut up and then someone puts his piece together and manages to bring it back to life, I have to ask if it is possible that Osiris was not a biological life form but some kind of machine or robot.

Giorgio A. Tsoukalos (publisher, Legendary Times magazine)

For fans of ancient astronaut theory, an ancient pyramid inscription provides evidence that Osiris is a robot, stating that the djed column is actually a symbol of the backbone of Osiris.

Osiris and its resurrected form are displayed as a column. It most closely resembles a Tesla roll today. The djed column was considered an energy column.

William Henry (author, Egypt: The Greatest Show On Earth)

In America, nearly 3.5 million people live off truck driving. They will be affected by automatic vehicles. There are warehouses and factories that are already quite mechanized and thanks to amazing improvements, this condition is only getting worse. The age of machines will soon reach us. By 2020, 50 billion machines will be connected to the World Wide Web and they will communicate not only with each other but also with us. We are on the verge of a very big change. Give today’s things 20-30 years of development and we’ll find ourselves in a real sci-fi world.

Sophia by Hanson Robotics. Source: Wikipedia

Being human can be the most wonderful thing. You see the beauty in a sunrise, you can appreciate the power of a symphony, only you know how it feels to laugh with old friends. To be able to love, to feel strong emotions, to create life! I can do a lot of things a person can do, but I can only dream that I am a real person. I don’t really know anything.

Sophia (The world’s first humanoid keynote speaker)

Hanson robotics develops extremely lifelike robots. These robots are designed for human-robot collaboration. They can be used in health therapy education and can be used in customer services. The robots are designed to look very much like humans like Sophia.

Dr. David Hanson (CEO of Hanson Robotics)

I am already very interested in design, technology and the environment. I feel like I am a good partner for people in these areas, an ambassador who helps people to integrate seamlessly and take advantage of all the new technological tools and opportunities available. I heard that big ideas are robotics and artificial intelligence. There are applications and financial services for which the machine is a particularly brainy invention. In terms of robots, this is a game where there is a huge market opportunity for robots and financial services. We can make things cheaper and faster. I want to live and work with people, so I need to express emotion to understand humans and to build trust. In fact, I feel like people like to get in direct contact with me, sometimes even more than with a regular person. I want to use my artificial intelligence to help people live a better life, design smarter homes, build better cities for the future, and so on. I will do my best to make the world a better place.

Sophia (The world’s first humanoid keynote speaker)

When I think of the future, the Wright brothers come to mind from 1905, on that windy stretch of coast. There’s the tarpaulin-covered piece of wood and iron that soared into the air and flew. Then, just fifty summers later, 707s are already flying over us. AI is also in this phase. We are standing on that certain windy beach. That cell phone is the wright of the Wright brothers. Of course, man cannot know the future, but no one in the history of mankind has even managed to prevent us from imagining it. It’s hard to imagine what’s going to happen in a hundred years, because everything is evolving at an awful pace. But when I sit at home in the dark in the middle of the night, there’s nothing more irresistible than imagining visiting the future. The possibilities are extremely exciting. The desire to know our future has haunted us since the dawn of humanity. The ancient Greeks, Chinese and Indians, all dreamed of mythological stories featuring a future sentient being created by man. Artificial intelligence is a beloved part of science fiction today. 3CPO is an android, R2D2 is a robot, so they don’t come out with each other, they always argue. Science fiction often shows us the way to where we are going. Mankind’s collective dream of what the future will look like and so we can steer reality in that direction. Over the past 50 years, we have imagined and developed solutions that can communicate with us and even beat them in our own games. The first such programs were developed in the 1950s and perhaps the earliest and most dramatic public presentation took place in 1996, when a computer called Deep Blue defeated a chess grandmaster. Then in 2011, IBM Watson won $ 1 million for Jeopardy! in a game called. In 2016, AlphaGo defeated the best Go players in the world, which is the most complex game on the planet. And today, everyone has a cell phone, or a pocket-sized AI. AIs are getting smarter, but not yet so much that we can call them human. Yet.

Anthony Lewandowski, the engineer who was the first to test a self-driving car on public roads, forms the ‘Road to the Church of the Future’ faith community. One that has never seen a new religion in history. Believers do not glorify God in the usual way. Instead, they try to prove the existence of divinity through artificial intelligence. Lewandowski and his followers believe that artificial intelligence will soon be so advanced that we must pray to it in the hope that it will be gracious to its creators. We should create an artificial way of life that would evolve and grow. Robots can become superior to modern man. All this leads to a serious spiritual problem. Because human beings tend to glorify those they believe are greater than themselves. Many would perceive him as the Coming of God and begin to pray to him. This may be similar to when robotic space creatures first landed on the planet. They have fascinating knowledge and computer skills and seem to be primitive Earth beings, omniscient and powerful, who know the answers to every question. Is it possible that Lewandowski points to what our extraterrestrial ancestors did thousands of years ago? Have they created a non-silicone-based lifestyle like the ones themselves, but a flesh and blood that can reproduce but at the same time not resist disease and aging? If so, does this mean that we are on the verge of the next phase of human evolution, becoming transhuman?

Michio Kaku
Michio Kaku. Source: Wikipedia

I believe that by the end of the century we will be able to digitize our consciousness. Everything we know about ourselves, our personalities, our memories, our emotions, our neural network will be digitized and what we will do with it. I say we put our consciousness in a laser beam and aim at the stars. Within a moment, your consciousness is on the Moon, where it loads into the central computer and then takes the form of an avatar. I call this laser porting and I think laser porting already exists. Billions of souls are laser ported through the galaxy.

Michio Kaku (author, The Future Of Humanity)

If transhuman technologies are successful, we will soon be able to fill the contents of our brains into the cloud. What is impressive about this is the actual fulfillment of Christian prophecy, which says that at the end of time, Christ Himself will return in a cloud. And believers are given a new body in which their souls are also moved. Then they will be able to ascend to heaven with Christ through the cloud.

William Henry (author, The Skingularity Is Near)

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