Facebook World Government? – The Data World Empires

The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.

George Orwell
George Orwell. Source: Wikipedia

Is it possible to know what the truth is rooted in and what is not? Are our lies dressed as truth – are they transforming our world, or has ‘post-truth’ always been a part of our lives? The age of transgender athletes has come. But this identity, even if so irrational, overturns our cultural truths. The engineer, identified by the American media as James Damore, lost his job at the internet giant. In firing him, Google proved that their fidelity to diversity ends when it is diversity of thought. It then wrote an in-house document confirming that women and men are not equally represented for biological reasons. Someone was fired because he differed from the majority view. Yet he supported his opinion with facts and reason. Yes, the US proclaims itself to be a land of free and brave, but at some universities in the Silicon Valley and other parts of the country, an atmosphere has developed that if you have different political views or different cultural views, you will have serious consequences. you count.

People are now intimidated into silence, with a single perspective of thought being brutally enforced, and no dissension or disagreement being allowed.

A company like Google that virtually controls the flow of information. These guys tell you what’s accepted and what’s not. It’s really dangerous. So the post-modern man does acknowledge that a truth does exist, but he puts his own preference above it.

The truth exists, but I don’t care until we get what we want.

And there are the men and women who tell you that their voice will get you what you want, and they say they have the answers. But all this leads to a culture of confusion. We recognize truth but subordinate it to our preference because we have sacrificed truth and light on the altar of self-determination. I am my own law. I decide what is good and what is bad, and you can do the same. There is trouble when we collide. I am myself, you are yourself, we are so self-determined! But the time will come when your values ​​will clash with mine.

Imagine that everyone we come in contact with is under constant surveillance. We could see how he behaved in the past. For example, did he keep his word. The world is full of rogues and liars who always get away with it, because by the time people realize it, they are already far away. We could pull the ground out from under them and more people would behave correctly. But it can also make our lives much more comfortable if we are watched 24 hours a day. We could only go into the store and take what we needed. And the camera would identify us and burden our balance with its price. That would be it. And anyone who still clings to the good old wallet would always know where he left off. All of this would, in a sense, be a return to a more natural state. We used to live in small tribes and groups. We all knew who he had done so far and what he was up to after that. In that sense, it would be nothing new. It would be a return to normal. The global monitoring system and village life may not be so different. But could we get used to the consciousness of being constantly observed even in our own homes? Most people don’t like to be watched while eating or having bath or shower, let alone not being naked. But our homes are still full of cameras. Security cameras, mobile phones, laptops, TVs. Even the watch has a camera hidden so you can monitor the babysitter with it. One would think that these cameras are harmless even though they are all connected to the internet, which means they can be hacked. Today’s Internet is practically an observation-based economy. Companies like Amazon sell millions of dollars worth of merchandise every hour. Most sources of revenue come from personalized advertising. The more a particular company knows about us, the easier it will be for us to click on the link and buy your product. Companies are persuading us to release more and more data about ourselves and strive to provide a good user experience in return. From a consumer’s perspective, this is the Garden of Eden itself, where everything is free. Free apps, free content, free games to play, and in return for that, let’s just say you just have to find your location. If companies gather enough data, they will know us better than we do ourselves. They can predict with 80% accuracy where we will be at a given time, even a year in advance.