Thought Sin – Brainwashing and Consciousness Manipulation

The real factories of today are shopping malls. The real hard work is done there. They guide you with performance goals and measurable results. As you sit in the glass-walled office, you know your goals are manipulated and fake, and managers know you know. Yet you sit there and pretend to be objective and reasonable. But you are calm. You are calm and you know what peace is. The original idea of ​​tranquility back in the 60s was to retreat and see what the world really was like. Violence and inhuman power hidden beneath the surface. This is solitary observation free from political manipulation. But then the policy became disloyal. And you stayed there alone. You know, politicians today have no idea what’s going on. They pretend to dominate the situation, but they are clueless in the midst of a refugee crisis. And they are doing nothing to end corruption, growing inequality, emptying cities under the pressure of money waves. But maybe they are no longer real politicians anymore. They have become more of silent villains whose real job is to anger us. And when we’re angry, we click more. And clicks feed the growing power and wealth of large corporations that run social networks. We think we are expressing ourselves. Yet we are just components in their system. Currently, the system absorbs all opposition. That’s why nothing changes.

Forty years ago in Russia, there was another all-encompassing system. It was in the Soviet Union. By the 70s, however, the system began to collapse. In Russian society at the time, everyone knew that what their leaders said was not true. Because they saw with their own eyes that the economy was falling apart. But everyone had to play, pretend to be real. Because no one could have imagined another option. A Soviet writer called this hypernormalization. You were so part of the system that you were unable to see beyond that. Counterfeiting surpassed everything.

Edward Snowden
Edward Snowden. Source: Wikipedia

SSO is Special Source Operations. It is the name of a worldwide passive data collection program, both operating domestically and outside the States. They do it in a lot of ways, but corporate partnerships are the most important ways they do it with both domestic and international companies with a headquarters in the U.S., so they can be forced to do so, or just pay these companies for access. And they do it bilaterally, with the assistance of certain governments. And it’s all based on something like “We help you set up the whole system if we get all the data from it in return.” XKEYSCORE is the user interface that analysts use to query a huge amount of mass data. Anything where you can do a reverse search, live search, markup, stuff like that. XKEYSCORE is the interface for it all. In the 2011 business year, they were able to track one billion phones and Internet browsing processes simultaneously with one such device, and were able to collect data at 125 GB / second (1 Terrabit / second). However, there were 20 sites at the time, ten on DOD sites. But these are all outdated info. We’ve been expanding pretty fast since then. You can also have 20 sites, at least 20 billion.

Edward Snowden

As a result of patriotic law, the Military Courts Act, and a number of laws written on behalf of the Department of Homeland Security, almost any act, speech, or protest against a government can be legally classified as terrorism. They can conduct a house search in our home in secret, without an order. They can be arrested without being charged. They may be detained and interrogated indefinitely without any legal protection. In 2005, Congress passed the Reak ID Act. The card will soon be required to be worn by law. They plan to provide the cards with an RFID tracking chip that can track our every move. These tracking chips are already included in the new passports. Many believe that this will eventually lead to the implantation of the chip, which is already used in many places in our society. It is not difficult to imagine a future where we are all tied to a network of control that monitors and records all our movements and all our actions. And if someone gets out of line, they can simply turn off the chip. Does the growing sense of fear and isolation in our society allow us to accept this totalitarian system? And if we are terrified enough, even if we do not demand them, will the feeling of fear and separation tear us away from reality?

Divide and conquer

It is not very difficult to imagine that many of our fears were deliberately aroused in us. History reveals that many in power have used fear to manipulate society. And there are those who would benefit from a totalitarian world government.

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